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  • How does saltwater affect TimberTech® products?

  • Will TimberTech® decking fade in color?

  • Are TimberTech® products environmentally friendly?

  • Is TimberTech® available internationally?

  • Does TimberTech® have a catalog?

  • What colors of decking and railing does TimberTech® offer?

  • Where are TimberTech® products manufactured?

  • Where can I obtain Code Compliance and Safety Data Sheets for TimberTech® products?

  • How is AZEK® different from TimberTech®?



  • Can I cantilever TimberTech® planks on my deck?

  • Can I use glue or caulk with TimberTech®?

  • Can I install my porch pillars or hot tub on top of my TimberTech® deck?

  • Can I use a router on the TimberTech® product?

  • What kind of fastener should I use with TimberTech®?

  • Can I build my TimberTech® deck directly over an existing surface?

  • Can TimberTech® be painted or stained?

  • My TimberTech® deck was constructed with DrySpace™ and pitches away from the house. Can I install the Combo Bracket tight to the bottom of the joist?

  • Does TimberTech® decking come in a redwood color?

  • Which product is better for a heavily wooded lot?

  • What do you recommend to place under grills, chairs, and pots on decking from the Terrain, Tropical, or Legacy Collections?

  • What preservatives are in TimberTech® decks' composite core to avoid rotting?

  • Can TimberTech® decking material be used for a wheelchair/walker ramp?

  • Which TimberTech® decking product resists fading the most?

  • Is TimberTech® fire resistant?

  • I have a wood deck and want to do some replanking. Can I replace them with TimberTech® boards?

  • Is there a problem with heat build-up on composite?


  • What sizes come in the RadianceRail® Packs?

  • We are installing RadianceRail Express® on a curved deck, will the brackets swivel like regular RadianceRail®?

  • How close to the rails can you safely have a barbecue grill without damaging TimberTech® railing?

  • What glass railing options are available with the TimberTech® decking?

  • Can TimberTech® railing and decking products be curved or bent?

  • What are the differences between railing collections?

  • What is the benefit of using the rail bracket?

  • What kind of steel is in the rail?



  • Do I need to gap my planks when I'm using CONCEALoc® Hidden Fasteners?

  • Is there a CONCEALoc® Hidden Fastener installation video available?

  • Are special tools required to install the CONCEALoc® Hidden Fasteners?

  • What are the CONCEALoc® Hidden Fasteners made of?

  • Can CONCEALoc® Hidden Fasteners be used on angles?

  • How many end cuts will one bottle of TimberTech® End Coating cover?

  • Where do I put TimberTech® deck lights on the stairs? How many should I install?

  • Can TimberTech Cortex™ fasteners be used for all decking?

  • What is the wattage on TimberTech® LED deck lights?

  • What sizes are available in TimberTech® Gate kits?

  • Do CONCEALoc® fasteners match decking colors?

Care and Cleaning

  • Can I use rock salt or ice melt on a TimberTech® deck?

  • Can you power wash a TimberTech deck?


  • Is it still recommended to create a loop for the TimberTech LED Lighting's wiring?

  • What is the maximum joist spacing for the Terrain, Tropical, and Legacy collections using CONCEALoc® Fastening?

  • Do you need to use a TimberTech® Transformer with the LED Lighting product?

  • What is the spacing for TimberTech® stair stringers?

  • Can TimberTech Decking be installed in cold weather?

  • Does TimberTech® have a bench and/or planter system?

  • How do you install TimberTech® railings on concrete?

  • Does TimberTech® decking require pre-drilling to install?

  • Can I use TimberTech® as a joist?


  • How long is my TimberTech® Warranty?

  • What does TimberTech® Warranty not include?

  • Is the TimberTech® Warranty transferable?

  • How do I file a TimberTech® warranty claim?

  • What info is required to file a TimberTech® warranty claim?

  • What if I don't have invoices?

  • Define what is required within the requested photos.

  • After completing the registration, what will happen?

  • Can I view the status of my existing TimberTech® claim on-line?

Deck Designer

  • Is there a way to improve the speed of AZEK Deck Designer?

  • How can I get a list of the materials I will need for my deck design?

  • How do I obtain a permit for my deck?

  • How do I obtain a quote for my virtual deck?

  • How do I find/contact a local contractor to bring my virtual deck to life?

  • Who can I contact to report issues with the Deck Designer app?

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