The Perfect Ending

Coat the ends of your TimberTech® deck boards with our tried and true end coating. Tested to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, TimberTech end coating is formulated to work with all TimberTech deck boards. An 8 oz. bottle covers roughly 250 ends, and is easily applied with a brush or roller.

  • Formulated to work with all TimberTech planks and Evolutions Rail
  • Tested to withstand environmental conditions
  • Five color options: Cedar, Grey, Teak, Walnut, and Black
  • Sold in 8 oz containers
  • Can be purchased by the dealer or end-user through e-commerce in unit (packs of six) or individual quantities from the TimberTech Store
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  Cedar Gray Rosewood Teak Walnut Black


Brown Oak

Silver Maple

Sandy Birch

Rustic Elm

Stone Ash

Antique Palm

Antigua Gold

Amazon Mist

Caribbean Redwood

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Classic Black

Traditional Walnut