Q: How much does a composite deck cost?

Thanks for asking, Dana! The cost of a composite deck is more affordable than you might realize.


It really depends on the size, complexity, material selection, and whether you are building yourself or contracting with a professional. Because there are so many factors that can influence the cost of building a deck, let’s look at a specific example of a homeowner in your home state of Minnesota.

The Baker’s Family built a deck approximately 300 square foot in size. It was a basic ground-level, rectangle design measuring 15’ x 20’ with railings on three of the four sides. The Baker’s have two small children and the idea of not spending time staining or sealing a deck was very appealing, not to mention the freedom from worrying about splinters, but they were afraid they just couldn’t afford composite. They considered both pressure-treated wood decking and railing, along with TimberTech ReliaBoard® decking and Radiance Rail® Express railing products. In wood, the decking and railing materials would have cost them around $3,000. Using TimberTech® decking and railing, the total cost of the decking and railing materials was only $3,950. The gap in pricing was not nearly as much as they thought and for all the benefits they could enjoy with TimberTech® products, a cost difference of $950 was well worth it.

There’s also the consideration of the value of a composite deck over its lifetime. Many people are surprised to hear that pressure-treated decking can be more expensive than composites in the long run. True, the initial cost of wood is in most cases less, but when you add in the cost of maintenance on a wood deck, including cleaning and sealing every few years, a wood-plastic composite deck can pay for itself in as little as five years. Check out our lifetime cost comparison above for more detail.

As we mentioned though Dana, the cost of a composite deck can really vary. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2012 Cost vs. Value Report, the national average price for a composite deck was $15,579.

As the complexity and size increases, so does the cost. TimberTech offers a wide variety of products at various price ranges, so take a look and browse all TimberTech® decking and railing products by price. Finding the product that fits your budget is easier than you might think!

Since pricing is set at the dealer level, we recommend getting an accurate quote on your decking project from a local dealer. Thanks again for your question, Dana.