Q: How do I remove or hide scratches on XLM decking?

Although XLM® is engineered to give the ultimate resistance in scratch, mildew and stain – scratching can still occur.

Thanks for asking this question Corinne, as there are a couple of recommended solutions for removing scratches on your XLM decking.

Scratches can often be touched-up by carefully applying heat with a heat gun. Care should be taken to not scorch or blister the surface. The heat gun should be held 3-4" above the surface and moved in a continuous side to side motion. If the desired results are not achieved in 30-45 seconds, do not continue with the heat gun. Always take the proper safety precautions when operating a heat gun, and use as directed by the manufacturer.

Another option is a topical conditioner like DeckMax Enhanced. Be sure to use as directed by the manufacturer. We hope this helps Corinne, and you can always contact us for more information!