Q: How do I file a warranty claim if I have a deck problem?

Thanks for your message, Carla. TimberTech® products are built with the highest level of quality in mind. 

We stand behind our products and make our warranty process easy in the rare occasion you should need to file a claim. We have built a customer service team to make sure you have the best TimberTech® experience possible. If you do need to file a warranty claim, our online claims process guides you step by step. It only takes about 15 minutes to file your claim.

TimberTech Warranty Claim Center
If you are experiencing a deck problem with a TimberTech® deck, go to the TimberTech Warranty and Claim Center. Be sure to have the five following items handy:

1.    A copy of your invoice
2.    Images of the decking problem area
3.    The date(s) of purchase and installation
4.    Retailer information
5.    Your contractor’s information.

Check out this helpful warranty video that will help explain our process. We’ll happily work with you to take care of your deck problem quickly and efficiently.