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Sweet Onion Stuffed Pepper Jack Burgers

Recipe by Kent Whitaker
For this stuffed burger, I've added ground Italian sausage to the mix for a flavor twist. The sky is the limit on possibilities. You can stuff this burger with all kinds of other ingredients such as mushrooms, bleu cheese, and peppers.

Sweet Onion Stuff Pepper Jack Burgers:
Ground Beef - Enough for four (4) huge patties
Minced garlic
Olive oil
Worcestershire sauce
Dash of hot sauce
Salt and pepper
Pepper jack cheese slices or fine crumbled
Chopped sweet onions
1/2 tablespoon favorite beer
1/2 tablespoon steak sauce

Combine the meat with some minced garlic, a few dashes of olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. Mix well by hand and separate into four large portions. Split each portion in half to make eight equal portions. Flatten these into eight wide patties that are a bit thin and wide. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. In a small bowl combine the chopped sweet onion with the beer and steak sauce. You want it to have the consistency of pickle relish drained through a fork. Place equal portions of the mix in the center of four of the patties. Spread with a spoon leaving an edge around the outside. Cover the mix with pepper jack cheese. Place the other four patties over the four covered patties and press the edges together to seal. You should have four good sized, stuffed burgers. Grill over medium high heat, turning as little as possible. Serve hot on a fresh bun, toasted French bread slices or Texas-style toast with your favorite toppings.

Stuffed Burger Tips:
This tip works well with stuffed burgers and other delicate grilled items including veggie burgers, turkey burgers, fish fillets and more. Tear square pieces of foil - two for each stuffed burger. Spray one side with non-stick spray and place the burger on the bottom. Do the same for the top. You can use a toothpick to hold the top piece in place. Grill using the foil as a mini griddle. Grill slowly so the burger holds together. Once firm, gently turn (you may need two spatulas) and remove the foil piece now on top, which was the original bottom piece. If you remove the foil too quickly, and it sticks, you may pull the burger apart. Repeat the flip when the bottom (former top) is firm. Be sure to remove the toothpick if you use one. If the foil sticks or the burger looks like it's going to break. Just allow it to cook fully. Remove from the grill and allow the burger to rest for a minute or two. Gently remove the foil.

Stuffed Burger Tips:
Try not to over stuff your burger. Thinner patties work better to form one thick patty. Stuffing items should not be too cold when placed in the center as it may slow the internal cooking time.