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Easy Tex-Mex Beer Can Chicken

Recipe by Kent Whitaker
This recipe is the easiest beer can chicken recipe I've created. It's actually derived from my Tex-Mex rib recipe. The secret is a package of fajita seasoning found in the same section that you find chili seasoning packets, taco seasoning packets, etc. That packet of seasoning is your seasoning mix and dry rub. It's ready to go and generally costs under a buck!

Tex-Mex Beer Can Chicken:
1 large whole chicken
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Package of fajita seasoning
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 cans of beer

Thaw your chicken in the fridge and clean the chicken's cavity. Make sure to rinse the chicken well inside and out and pat dry. Sprinkle part of the seasoning packet into the cavity of the chicken. Drain about 1/3 of the beer anyway you wish to. Then sprinkle some of the seasoning into the beer can. You can use a store bought beer can chicken holder or just place the can on a foil pan. Place your chicken rack on a covered grill. Gently place the chicken onto the can. If you have to, you can pinch the can some at the top to help it slide in. Balance the chicken using its own legs and the can. You can use foil rolled into strands to help balance if needed. Rub the outside of the chicken with the lemon juice, garlic and the remaining seasoning from the packet. Cook with the grill lid down over medium-high heat. You may need to remove a top rack if your grill has one. Cook until skin is deep brown. When the chicken wings tighten and rise from the skin, it's done. Some people call it a dancing chicken because of the wings rising. Serve hot. Oh yeah, while the bird is cooking you can drink the beer.

Beer Can Chicken Tip:
Easy beer can chicken with a twist. Not a fan of beer? Well here is an easy fix. Instead of beer, try a citrus soda or a soda can with your favorite wine or wine cooler. I once had a beer can chicken with ginger ale and oranges. Half the fun is finding the flavors you enjoy. If you can't find a big enough chicken to have a full-sized can fit into, and then look for a store bought production chicken holder. Some come with smaller beer holders that fit small chickens. If the chicken splits and loses balance just remove the can, lay the chicken on the foil pan and allow it to finish cooking. Baste with the beer as the chicken cooks.