Care and Cleaning


  • How will saltwater affect TimberTech products?
    Saltwater climates are an ideal application for TimberTech products. Salt water will have no ill effects on TimberTech. Do not submerge planks into saltwater.
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  • Will TimberTech decking and railing fade in color?
    Yes. Most materials exposed to UV and other weathering effects will fade. TimberTech decking and railing solutions are blended with high quality raw material and UV-inhibiting pigments to minimize fade and produce products consistent in color. All products will fade evenly. Earthwood Evolutions has an added 25-year Fade & Stain Warranty.
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  • Are TimberTech products environmentally friendly?
    Yes. Because TimberTech will not splinter, warp or fade the way wood does, it dramatically reduces the wasteful cycle of repair and replacement and eliminates the frequent application of environmentally harmful paint, sealers and stains.
    • TimberTech deck planks are manufactured with recycled wood materials that would otherwise go into landfills. In addition, TimberTech is able to regrind scrap product back into the manufacturing process.
    • TimberTech recycles water during the manufacturing process.
    • Unlike wood, TimberTech products are a one-time purchase for most homeowners, with a 25-year warranty.
    • TimberTech does not require painting, staining or sealing.

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  • What kind of fastener should I use with TimberTech?

            While installing TimberTech solid planks, we recommend using TimberTech's TOPLoc Face Fastening system or stainless steel or high-quality coated deck screws. For Earthwood Evolutions Plank, TwinFinish Plank and ReliaBoard: use a minimum #8 x 2-1/2". For DockSider Plank: use a minimum #8 x 3". Refer to our Installation Resources for more information. TimberTech grooved planks are installed using the TimberTech CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener. Follow the directions on the CONCEALoc box or bucket.

    Our TOPLoc fascia fastening system eliminates the issues experienced with traditional fastening methods. The TOPLoc Fascia Bit and Fasteners are designed for proper fascia installations every time – allowing the fascia to hang in place.

    Designed exclusively for TimberTech planks, TimberTech Cortex provides a discrete, hidden fastening solution for perimeter boards and stairs. Combined with TimberTech’s CONCEALoc for the main decking areas, homeowners can enjoy a true complete hidden fastening solution for the entire deck surface. Refer to our Installation Resources for more information.

    TimberTech does not recommend any fastener that is not explicitly stated in the TimberTech Decking and DrySpace Installation Guide.  Use of any alternative fastener does not void the TimberTech warranty; however, if a decking failure is caused by using one of these alternative fastening methods, any corresponding claims will be denied.
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  • Can I build my TimberTech deck directly over an existing surface?
    See below for minimum space requirements for your TimberTech deck planks:

    Earthwood Evolutions Plank, DockSider Plank, TwinFinish Plank and ReliaBoard
    There must be a minimum of a 2" (nominal) sleeper system supported by and connected to the substructure over which the deck is to be built.

    Floorizon Plank
    There must be a minimum 12" high unobstructed continuous air space along at least three sides of the deck to allow for cross ventilation. Specific application requirements apply to Floorizon. Please see our Installation Resources for proper ventilation requirements.

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  • Can I cantilever TimberTech planks on my deck?
    Yes. TimberTech Earthwood Evolutions, TwinFinish, DockSider, and ReliaBoard can be cantilevered 1” over the last support. TimberTech Floorizon planks should not be cantilevered.
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  • Can I use glue or caulk with TimberTech?
    Do not use caulk to fasten TimberTech Floorizon planks or to seal between any of our planks. This will impede the drainage of the plank and inhibit the natural expansion and contraction of the planks. Some contractors have reported success with Premium PL 2000 construction adhesive to support the fastening of other planks, but it is not recommended as the primary means of fastening the planks or fascia. Again, do not use caulk to seal between the planks.
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  • Can I install my porch pillars or hot tub on top of my TimberTech deck?
    Yes. Please remember the underlying joist system, not the TimberTech planks should be the primary structural supporting mechanism. TimberTech is not to be used as a primary structural load-bearing member.
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  • Can I use a router on the TimberTech product?
    Yes. If you are installing a solid profile such as our Earthwood Evolutions, TwinFinish, DockSider,  or TwinFascia a router can be used. These TimberTech products will route similar to wood. TimberTech offers a CONCEALoc Router Bit to cut the perfect groove in TimberTech Solid Planks to use our CONCEALoc hidden fastener clips.
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  • Can TimberTech products be used as a porch floor?
    Yes. Many porches are built with TimberTech products. However, if using Floorizon Plank, special ventilation requirements must be met. There must be a minimum of 12" unobstructed continuous airspace along three sides of the deck to allow cross ventilation for Floorizon Plank. This should be located just below the bottom of the deck joist.
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  • Can TimberTech be painted or stained?
    Although not recommended, TimberTech products may be painted or stained. TimberTech can not guarantee the performance of anything applied to the product. For painting information contact your TimberTech dealer or a local paint supplier. For further information on painting or staining your TimberTech decking refer to our Care and Cleaning Recommendations.
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  • Are the RadianceRail kits actually a full 6’ and 8’?
    All are designed to be 6’ and 8” or measured from center of post to center of post. The additional material is provided to allow for angles and end cuts/trimming. 
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  • I have a chip in the cap stock (outer layer) material on my RadianceRail; can I repair it or touch it up?
    Yes. Automotive touch-up paint such as Duplicolor 2 in 1 Scratch Fix works well and is available at most department or automotive retailers. For Coastal White use universal gloss white and for Classic Black use universal flat black.
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  • Can TimberTech Ornamental Rail and RadianceRail be curved?
    Yes, our railing products can be curved in a variety of styles. Click here for details.
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  • Will the DrySpace Combo Bracket or Joist Cover cause my deck to rot?
    No. When properly installed the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover channels water away from the house and out of the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover. This also allows for airflow between the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover and joist.
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  • Can I paint DrySpace?
    We do not recommend it because of the maintenance issues.
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  • Can I splice panels together to save material?
    No. There is no way to make a joint between the Joist Covers and/or Panels that will prevent leaks. DrySpace comes in 12’ and 16’ lengths that allow for seamless installations. The 16’ kits are ideal for DrySpace installations where the joist cavities are 8' long.
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  • Can I install a more decorative ceiling under DrySpace?
    No. That would require penetrating the Joist Covers with nails or screws.
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  • Could I install DrySpace by using F-Brackets only and not the Combo Bracket (Joist Cover/F-Bracket combo)?
    No. The Combo Bracket (Joist Cover/F-Bracket Combo) must be used to collect any water that drains through or around the joist.
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  • Can I run the Panels over the top of a beam?
    Panels must always stop 3” from the beam. In most cases the low point of the Panel will interfere with the beam causing water to dam on the Panel. Combo Brackets and Joist Covers should stop 1” from the beam. For more information on beams, refer to our Installation Instructions.
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  • Will chemical treatments or stains damage DrySpace?
    No. Common, off-the-shelf stains and chemical wood cleaning treatments have no adverse effects on DrySpace.
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  • Can I use TimberTech DrySpace with TimberTech Floorizon Deck Planks?
    Yes. With proper installation, TimberTech DrySpace can be used with Floorizon Planks. The moisture will be carried away from underneath the Floorizon Planks. It is the moisture underneath the Floorizon Planks that could cause cupping. In addition, since the V-Panels are cut 3" from the beam or rim joist, there should be some air flow around the planks.
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  • My deck was constructed with pitch away from the house. Can I install the Joist Covers tight to the bottom of the joist?
    No. The Combo Bracket and Joist Cover is a gutter that does collect water. When the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover is installed tight to the bottom of the joist, water cannot freely flow from the Combo Bracket or Joist Covers.
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  • Can I install DrySpace by myself?
    Yes. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions come with your DrySpace purchase or you can refer to our Online Installation Resources. Installation is easiest with two people. You are likely to have the tools and materials you need, or they are easy to find at your local hardware store.
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  • Do I need to gap my planks when I'm using CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners?
    The CONCEALoc fasteners provide consistent spacing between the sides of the planks. You will need to gap the ends at all butt joints per our Installation & Maintenance Guide, which can be found in the Installation Resources section of our Web site.
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  • Is there a CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener installation video available?
    Yes. View the "Grooved Planks - CONCEALoc" video on our web site in the Installation Resources section.
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  • What tools are required to install the CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners?
    No special tools are required when using TimberTech grooved planks - just a drill/driver. We provide a #1 square drive bit with the screws and CONCEALoc clips. If using TimberTech solid planks, a route with TimberTech's CONCEALoc router bit will be needed to create a groove at each joist. You can find complete details on how to install CONCEALoc in grooved and solid planks in TimberTech's online Installation Resources.
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  • What are the CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners made of?
    The CONCEALoc fasteners are made from 304 stainless steel. This material, with its high nickel content, will ensure a long life even in harsh environments. All screws are stainless steel, and numatic nails are coated carbon. 
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  • Can CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners be used on angles?
    Yes. Any angle up to 45 degrees can be achieved. On angles; offset the center of the fastener ½” towards the long point of the joist, so the screw will not exit the side of the joist when driven. Reference our Installation Resources for additional details.
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  • Is it possible to replace a plank installed with CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners, if it gets damaged after installation?
    Yes. You can find complete details on how to do this in the TimberTech Online Installation Resources.
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  • How much does FenceScape cost?
    Please contact a FenceScape dealer or contractor in your area for pricing. Go to Where to Buy for a list of professional dealers and contractors in your area, or call 1-800-307-7780.
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  • Do FenceScape rails experience crowning?
    Yes. Like wood rails, FenceScape's rail may have a slight crown. Be sure to install the rail crown up.
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  • Will FenceScape fade in color?
    Yes. Most materials exposed to UV and weathering will fade. However, FenceScape is blended with high quality raw materials and UV-inhibiting pigments to minimize fade and produce a product consistent in color.
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  • I am a professional installer, and I need additional information. What should I do?
    Please contact us at 1-800-307-7780 to speak with a FenceScape representative.
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  • How does salt water affect FenceScape?
    Saltwater climates are a perfect application for FenceScape products. Salt water will have no ill effects on FenceScape.
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  • How does heat affect FenceScape?
    The effect that heat has on FenceScape is similar to the effect it has on a wood fence. FenceScape was developed with reflective, inorganic pigments that minimize heat buildup.
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  • What is the benefit of using the rail bracket?
    The benefit of using our color-matched, powder-coated rail bracket is simply ease of installation. Using the bracket provides an alternative to toe-screwing the rail between the posts, eliminating the need to pre-drill. Rail brackets also give increased structural stability.
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  • What kind of steel is in the rail?
    The expanded steel in the rail is galvanized.
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  • Can I paint FenceScape?
    TimberTech does not recommend painting, staining or sealing and cannot guarantee the performance of anything applied to the product. Painting and staining takes away from the low-maintenance benefits of FenceScape, and once FenceScape is painted, stained or sealed, subsequent applications will be necessary to maintain appearance.

    However, if you choose to do so, contact your FenceScape dealer or a local paint supplier. Stains and sealers that are recommended for use with FenceScape are:

    Wait approximately 8-10 weeks or until FenceScape has completed its weathering process before painting or staining. Clean your fence surface prior to applying paint or stain. Never paint or stain over surfaces that may contain dirt or mildew. Best results will be obtained when using a high-quality paint or solid color stain. Always apply paints and sealers in accordance with the manufacturer's application instructions.
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  • What do I do for scratches, nicks or cuts?
    Scratches and nicks will weather to a similar match in 8-10 weeks; the time frame will vary based on exposure and climate. Surface scratches on the fence boards, rail and the 5-1/4" x 5-1/4" post may be repaired by applying heat to the surface. This can blend the damaged surface area back in by encapsulating the wood fiber and resin back together. This can be performed with a soldering iron such as the LSP-25 manufactured by Wall Lenk Corporation which is a cordless butane powered soldering iron. The LSP-25 retails for approximately $15 and is readily available at most building supply and hardware stores. Standard soldering irons will work as well. Best practice would be to experiment on a piece of scrap material to determine the best heat range as every soldering iron will vary. A rounded tip design will work the best to blend the scratched material back in.

    Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Markers in an Early American color enable touchups of FenceScape’s steel reinforced rail, fence boards, posts and post covers. Simply apply the marker to the damaged area and wipe off any access wood finish. It dries to a nice color comparable to the FenceScape Mountain Cedar finish.
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  • What is the maximum span of FenceScape?
    FenceScape support rails are designed for a maximum span of 8' center-to-center of the posts.
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  • Can I use FenceScape with a new or existing wood sub-structure?
    Yes. FenceScape posts and post covers may be used in conjunction with a new or existing sub-structure. This is a great solution if you have existing 4x4 posts set that are in good conditions. It also gives you the ability to mix and match components. FenceScape does not warranty product failure due to a failed sub-structure or anything that does not properly secure FenceScape. Be sure to consult your local building codes.
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  • Can I use glue or caulk?
    Glue or caulk is not required or recommended to be used with FenceScape products. However, FenceScape decorative post caps may be secured with stainless steel finish nails or exterior caulk.
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  • Can I use a router on FenceScape?
    Yes. FenceScape fence boards will route just like wood. Routing of the FenceScape rail is not recommended due to the embedded steel core.
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