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When to Choose XLM® PVC Decking – the Ultimate in Low Maintenance

Wood-plastic composite decking raised the low-maintenance bar over traditional wood deck planks. Then cellular PVC decking – sometimes called "synthetic decking" or "plastic decking" – raised it even further by offering another alternative decking option to homeowners looking for an extreme low-maintenance product.

How do you know if XLM is right for your deck project, or if another of TimberTech's innovative wood plastic composite products will provide the low-maintenance decking lifestyle desired? The frequently asked questions below will help, or consult a local TimberTech dealer or contractor.

What situations most call for PVC decking?
XLM is the ultimate choice for homeowners who do a lot of outdoor entertaining, whose decks endure high-traffic activity or those who wish to spend even less time maintaining their deck than with traditional alternative decking products.

How does TimberTech's PVC decking resist stains and scratches so well?
XLM is an extremely durable expanded polymer material that features a solid PVC cap to reinforce its structural integrity.

How does TimberTech's PVC decking look?
XLM is available in six rich, long-lasting and attractive color options: Mountain Cedar, SandRidge, RiverRock, Harvest Bronze, RusticBark and Walnut Grove. Harvest Bronze, RusticBark and Walnut Grove feature a tropical hardwood look with a flat grain surface and Mountain Cedar, SandRidge and RiverRock offer solid colors with a flat gran surface.

Is railing available in a PVC material?
RadianceRail – TimberTech's most-popular railing product – is a composite railing product with a PVC cap for maximum durabilty and weatherability. Plus RadianceRail is available in colors that match many of XLM's decking colors.

Will fasteners be visible?
XLM plank comes in square shouldered and grooved profiles. Grooved planks may be installed using TimberTech's CONCEALoc hidden fastener system, which provides a fastener-free deck surface. 

How does it install?
XLM is 40 percent lighter than wood plastic composite planks, making it easier for contractors and do-it-yourselfers to move and install. No pre-drilling is required for installation.

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